Our ambition is to become the most exciting and innovative company in our industry

We aim to be the most innovative, value-adding business in our industry, by continuously enhancing our portfolio of products and improving the quality of the service we provide to our customers.

Our strategy is based on four key pillars:


1. Environment, Health and Safety, our utmost priority

Protecting the health and safety  of our employees, contractors and visitors and minimizing our impact on the environment is our highest priority.

2. Focus on selected strategic end-markets

Aerospace, automotive, and packaging; selectively expanding our global footprint in these markets.

3. Create product leadership, based on innovative technologies that are differentiating

We are working to achieve this by drawing not only on our world-class R&T capabilities, both in Europe and in the US, but also on our scientific council’s unique expertise and our network of partnerships with leading universities and research labs.

4. Achieve excellence in customer service and in all our operations

through the flawless, rigorous and decisive execution of our Manufacturing Excellence program.